Why fans think Lydia Meggs will be on Welcome To Plathville


On Welcome to PlathvilleOlivia Plath doesn’t talk much about her family, but fans still think her sister Lydia Meggs could be a part of the TLC series soon. Lydia grew up in a strict, Plathville-style conservative Christian household and she has tried hard to break away from her upbringing. However, her complicated and strained relationship with her relatives is no secret, although she shares a close bond with her younger brother, Nathan Meggs. Still, lately, it looks like Olivia is fixing fences with her younger sister, Lydia. That’s why WTP Fans believe their siblings will be in the next season of the hit reality show.


According to social media posts, Olivia has been spending more time with Nathan and Lydia. Fans were quick to realize that amid all the drama and feuding, it may be in part preparation for an appearance on the show Welcome to Plathville. A Reddit user, [deleted]started a thread, writes, “Lydia Meggs is in Tampa and her hotel room has professional lighting. Do we think she’s filming and will be in next season?” Now that Olivia and Lydia are reunited, it’s possible the sisters will share more of their story on screen. Minute_Pomegranate18 commented on the thread, “Maybe. [Lydia’s] I’ve also been posting more on social media and interviewing YouTubers.”

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Could Lydia Meggs replace Moriah Plath?

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Olivia and her sister-in-law, Moriah Plath, shared a close bond and were best friends for years. While Welcome to Plathville Season 4 their relationship began to fall apart. Moriah has been on a forgiveness journey with her parents (especially when it comes to her controversial mother, Kim Plath), and that decision has negatively impacted her friendship with Olivia. Olivia has made it clear that she is unwilling to forgive and forget, and believes Moriah and her siblings pushed her towards a reconciliation with Kim. On the other hand, Moriah is tired of feeling caught in the middle and constantly walking on eggshells to protect Olivia’s feelings. The tension in the situation continued to mount, leading to hurtful words, anger and resentment. Their sisterly bond was never the same, especially after Olivia accused Kim of credit card fraud.

The fact that Olivia no longer has Moriah by her side could be the catalyst for her reconciliation with her sister Lydia. That Welcome to Plathville Star has made friends since moving to Tampa, but she doesn’t have many people in her life that she’s close to. Realitytvfan76 commented on the thread, “I wouldn’t be surprised. When Moriah is no longer close to Olivia, she will need other people to film and on her side besides Ethan.” Still, Olivia and Ethan have had their share of fights and disagreements, and having her family by her side may be more important than ever.

It could be possible that Lydia will be involved in the new one Welcome to Plathville Season, other fans think there is a more obvious explanation for the professional equipment in the hotel room. Reddit user futurephysician commented on the thread, “Olivia is a professional photographer, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she just had that lying around.” Olivia thrives in her photography business and travels a lot for work. It is currently unclear whether Lydia will be involved in the Plath family drama or continue to stay away from her. Unless the sisters provide solid clues, fans will have to wait and see what the new season has in store.

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