Who is rg_bunny1: An Instagram Whodunit


The painter Jack Pierson recently tried to identify rg_bunny1 in a telephone conversation from the California desert. “I’ve decided he’s an art / fashion writer from Germany or something, someone who was on local weird art television in Berlin before the internet,” said Mr. Pierson, whose occasional direct message exchange with rg_bunny1 ended abruptly one day when he asked the obvious question. “I asked, ‘Who is that?'” He stopped answering. It’s just annoying that he never reveals himself, although in part I should refrain from guessing who this person is. “

When no one seems to know, many theories hold up. Surely it’s David Rimanelli, some said before a Timothy Greenfield-Sanders portrait of Mr. Rimanelli, an Artforum critic, appeared on the rg_bunny1 feed. (“Uh, no,” replied Mr. Rimanelli when asked by a reporter. “That’s what people ask me every week.”)

Or it is the worldly and socially well-connected painter Robyn Geddes from Los Angeles (“I asked if we knew each other and he somehow evaded the question,” wrote Mr Geddes on the Instagram Sphinx and added: “It will he doesn’t answer a question directly. ”It is probably the global art dealer Tobias Meyer.

Or maybe, suggested Christine Coulson, a novelist and rg_bunny1 supporter, “It’s a very precocious 13-year-old.”

Like many on rg_bunny1’s list, Ms. Coulson has no clear memory of how rg_bunny1 first appeared on her Instagram feed. After connecting with him on social media, she began viewing the account, with its barrage of posts, as either a visual catnip or a nuisance.

“I follow about 600 people and some days half of my feed is rg_bunny1,” said Ms. Coulson. “For some reason, he has great art, great people, and clearly speaks to a generation,” she said, especially when posting about characters like Karl Lagerfeld muse Ines de la Fressange or the eccentric Marquesa Casati or Andy Warhol’s business manager , the elegant and self-invented Texan Fred Hughes. “And there is no nature, no food and no selfies, and that’s a big plus for me.”

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