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Photographers – from beginners to seasoned professionals – can try out the latest equipment and get expert advice at The Photography Show & The Video Show 2022. With a full program of masterclasses and lectures taking place throughout the show, we’ve curated a selection of the very best on offer.

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The Photography Show takes place on 17th, 18th and 20th September 2022 at the Birmingham NEC from 10am to 5pm. The show will close on Monday September 19 out of respect for Her Majesty The Queen’s funeral.

Standard day admission is from £14.95 (discounted and multi-day options are available), with master classes costing an additional £10 per day.

The Photography Show 2022 – Saturday 17 September

What’s up?

Great stage

13:15-14:30 Chase Jarvis – The Extraordinary Power of Applied Creativity, £12

Join acclaimed photographer, creator and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis for this inspirational talk to learn specifically how small, daily actions can enhance our innate creativity and help us rediscover our personal power in life. Chase Jarvis is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and one of the most influential photographers of the last 20 years.

His extensive work ranges from shooting advertising campaigns for companies like Apple, Nike and Red Bull; to working with athletes like Serena Williams and Tony Hawk, to working with famous icons like Lady Gaga and Richard Branson.

15:30-16:45 Colin Prior – A state of the imagination, £12

This is an opportunity to hear from one of landscape photography’s most dedicated and passionate advocates, Colin Prior, as he describes his adventures, experiences, inspirations and philosophy of photography. Colin Prior is an acclaimed landscape photographer with nearly four decades of experience.

He looks for patterns in the landscape and the hidden connections between reality and imagination. Capturing sublime moments of light and land, his images are the result of meticulous planning and often take years to complete. His previous books include Living Tribes (2003), The World’s Wild Places (2006) and Scotland’s Finest Landscapes (2014).

Free calls

Analog shop window

14:00-14:30: Why we need to save film cameras and not build new ones.

Camera Rescue’s Juho Leppanen shares where to find old treasures and what to do with them.

Behind the Lens Theater

15:00 – 15:40: Mirrorless Wildlife with Will Burrard-Lucas

Will talks about his latest projects and how mirrorless technology has influenced his work.

Editing and post-production suite

12:00-12:30: An introduction to mobile editing with Snapseed, Jo Bradford

15:30-16:00: Video editing for photographers, Ian Sayers

On site

10:30-11:10: Captivating Close-Ups: Beyond the Record Shot, Tracy Calder

11:30-12:10 Introduction to underwater photography, Maria Munn

12:30 – 13:10: The Art of Color in Outdoor Photography, Nigel Forster

14:00-14:40: Travel Photography for Beginners, Julian Elliot

16:00-16:40: Taking your smartphone photography to the next level, Jo Bradford

photo live

13:00 – 13:30: Create amazing fashion portraits with LED lighting

Sam Nash will demonstrate how to get the best fashion shots with one, two or three LED lighting arrangements

The studio

11:00-11:40: The process of a music video, Ashleigh Jade

16:00-16:40: Secure yourself!, Richard Warburton

Creator phase

12:00 – 12:30: How to build a system to streamline content creation across multiple platforms.

Simone Ferretti shows you how to keep a great posting schedule with the right strategies and tools.

15:00-15:30: Demystifying Youtube thumbnails, titles and descriptions

Mandy Celine shows you how to use thumbnails, titles and descriptions effectively to boost your Youtube game.

master class

Master classes for beginners

Saturday 17th September or Sunday 18th September (repeating), Piazza Suites 1-3 £10 Begin your photographic journey by learning some important lessons from the experts. There is a £10 fee for this four part program on top of the show entry fee – choose between Saturday or Sunday mornings.

10:30-11:00: The Craft of Composition, Jess McGovern

11:05-11:35: Photography Basics: Understanding the Exposure Triangle, Emily Endean

11:45-12:15: Choosing your first camera, Laurence Norah

12:20-12:50: Getting started with editing, Liam Man

Video master classes for beginners

14:00-14:30: An introduction to the video, Dorte Kjaerulff

14:35-15:05: Essential kit for basic storytelling, Alice Greenfield

15:15-15:45: The importance of audio, Tom Lewis

15:50-16:20: Editing your first video, Tony Harmer

Turning Pro Master Classes

Saturday 17th September or Sunday 18th September (recurring) Super Theater £10 Want to make the leap from enthusiast to professional photographer? This half-day masterclass will help you understand the benefits of going pro and what to look out for. There is a small charge of £10 for this half day programme. Choose either Saturday or Sunday mornings.

10:10-10:40: The AZ of starting a photography business, Paul Inskip

10:40-11:10: Money Mindset – Make a full-time income from your part-time job!, Denise Maxwell

11:15-11:45: The realities of going pro, Tommy Reynolds

11:45-12:15: Winning Clients – Editing a killer portfolio that lands, Emma Alexander


UKBFTOG – The Black Delight

Celebrating and acknowledging black culture and different aspects of life through the eyes of black female British photographers.

The full program can be found here.

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