What does it mean to be a photographer in the digital age?


WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY 2022: Photography is the art of capturing beautiful moments and preserving them to revive precious memories. The camera is considered one of man’s most important discoveries thanks to the French artist Louis Daguerre, who invented the daguerreotype camera, as it allows people to permanently store a moment and give them the opportunity to relive it as many times as they would like .

Photography is so deeply integrated into our daily lives that we cannot imagine a day when we are not looking at photos of people or things we love. On World Photography Day 2022, let’s explore what it means to be a photographer in the digital age.

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The digital age has accelerated everything. Information is spreading faster than ever and people are always in a hurry. Because of this, Instagram has become a popular social media platform today as it is based on the concept of uploading instant photos and sharing them with people all over the world.

The application’s original logo was in the form of a Polaroid, which is now being tweaked to make it look more generic and modern. The top trending hashtags on any given day on Instagram are “photography” and “photo of the day,” and you may be wondering – why are people so passionate about photography these days?

The answer to this question lies in the advancement of technology. Mobile phone manufacturers nowadays sell all their models with the best camera quality. With higher resolution, better color quality and ease of use, taking photos has become commonplace and easier for everyone.

Nowadays it is not just about capturing a moment, but also about the quality of the photo. People want to look good and they feel good when they get the perfect shot. Applications like Snapchat and Instagram have made photo clicking an indispensable part of our lives. Keeping a streak, getting maximum likes, and getting more and more engagement on posts has become the defining factor of being a photographer in the digital age.

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