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HELENA – From the moment you sit down with them, it becomes clear that Christina and Daniel Dennis have amazing chemistry. The Helena couple have been together for 15 years, have been married for eight years, and they carry the same chemistry to their Untold Imagery photo business.

They do weddings, anniversaries, family photos, and even boudoir shoots. Her gallery contains hundreds of photos from satisfied customers, even though Untold Imagery just recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

“It all started with our daughter, really,” said Christina. Before Untold, Christina was a teacher for 10 years and Daniel worked for Nabisco. They both worked full-time and wished they could spend more time with their daughter. Then COVID-19 arrived.

“I had already missed a year and a half of her life and I soaked up every second I could when she was with me,” said Christina. “That made me want to make photography, which I already did as a hobby, into a thing.”

In September 2020 Christina started practicing photos on family members and then slowly found some clients. In April, Daniel decided it was time to join her when Nabisco began restructuring due to the pandemic. , They used resources such as internet videos and tutorials to expand their knowledge and experience.

“After having a steady stream of people I thought this was my dream forever, let’s go ahead and get away from a career that was so fulfilling and try something different. Then we have more time with our little girl and can do the family things we couldn’t do, ”she said.

After Christina gained more customers, her business “exploded”. They started spending their time and money educating themselves on how to get the most of them. Daniel said they researched photographers around the world, looked up to and admired, and then delved into their styles and training practices. They also made a point of practicing every day, whether it was taking photos of each other or their daughter.

“We wanted to stand out because there are so many great, wonderful photographers. We really wanted to find out what made us stand out from the crowd, ”said Christina.

Balancing a man and woman business can be intimidating to some, but Christina and Daniel use their years together to master whatever comes their way. “We know each other like the back of our hand,” says Daniel.

“We all bring a different aspect to the team. Daniel is great with lighting, whether it’s indoors with boudoir photos or outdoors with natural light, he’s a master. I’ll do the posing with me, ”said Christina.

With every photo shoot, they try to “capture authentic moments in photography”, such as the small smile or the stolen glances between the clicks of the camera.

“Yes, everyone loves the pose and the smile and looks at the camera photos, and so do we,” said Christina. “But what we really love is to capture little moments in between. We want every customer to feel safe and secure during these photo sessions with us, so that they can relax and feel freedom during their session. “

Christina says that from the moment they are contacted by a potential client, they make an effort to get to know them personally so that they are as comfortable as possible during the shoot.

“Mothers who bring their families up with their families, it is difficult to prepare your children, you often drag your husband by the ear, so we will work ahead of time to make a report with you. We want to know what your uncertainties are, what areas you don’t want to focus on, what areas you want to focus on, what we can do to make the process easier so that we can take this stress away from you, that’s what we want “, Christina explained.

“We know it can be stressful. We also take family photos, ”said Daniel. “So we can always take this hour to help you feel better, then that’s what we want to do.”

Daniel credits Christina for being great at communicating with clients. They even send out questionnaires asking what they like and what their arguments are behind the photos.

“A lot of people will say, ‘Oh, I want to take these photos for someone else.’ We just want to remind everyone that regardless of the sessions you receive from us, it will be a reflection of you and yourself, ”said Christina.

Her favorite shoots lately have been boudoir shoots, which they said are surprisingly emotional. Christina said she started doing boudoir shoots to try something different and quickly fell in love with her.

“When I started talking to the customers who were interested, I realized how much more it was than a photo session,” she said. “I get to know these people months in advance, and we talk about families and their husbands, or if they are single, about themselves and their life situation. We talk about their insecurities and what they’re going through in life, and it has become more than just showing up and taking a few pictures. We have been transformed into taking on the role of that voice that says, ‘You are perfect as you are. Accept those things that make you special and that you see as a mistake. ‘”

“When she asked me to come on board, I thought, ‘Are you sure?’ I didn’t know how much it hurt. It’s a healing process, ”said Daniel.

The boudoir shoots have become so popular that they created their own website and Facebook page under the name Untold Boudoir. Christina and Daniel agree that the connections that were made during these shootings are special.

“Whenever they come by on the day of the session and have their hair and makeup done, they have their favorite snacks ready, we want it to be a relaxed environment so they can enter this intimate session and we can turn the camera around after a few Click over and say: ‘Look, that’s you!’ “Said Christina. “Every time they say, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t know I could look like this.’ Then they see themselves in a completely different light and then think: ‘You made me feel so beautiful, as if I were a model.’ “

Daniel said that elopements come second because they love to travel. You will travel wherever the newlyweds want to go and get beautiful content while spending the whole day with them.

“We’re not just spending a few hours with you,” said Christina. “We spend the whole day with you. If you want to go hiking on your wedding day, we’ll go hiking with you. If you want to go fishing, we’ll go fishing with you and take great fishing photos. Whatever makes you, you. “

“We recently did an elopement shoot with a local couple that took us up Mt. Cheaha,” said Daniel. “We spent the whole day hiking with them and taking great photos of the great waterfalls.”

The company’s title was created by Daniel who said that one day he came to him out of the blue. “I woke up one day and thought it was perfect because we like to tell stories that haven’t been told,” he said.

“We really enjoy doing that,” added Christina. “We love telling these stories and sharing these moments with people. We just want to tell your story. “

To contact Untold Imagery, visit their website at untoldimagery.com or visit their Facebook pages: Untold Imagery and Untold Boudoir.

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