Things you can only find in professional photography studios



Photography, as a hobby and profession, involves a lot of equipment. There are the obvious cameras, lenses, and lights that we all own, but then we start delving into the curiosities of the art form. Add in a few eccentric professionals and you can expect to find all sorts of things in their studios.

As a British guy, I like my strange behavior. Associated with this are a couple of weird traits, of which hoarding is one of them. I take a few thousand pictures a week and have never deleted a single picture. There are also boxes and boxes with hard drives, just like filing cabinets with negatives would have been found in the past, but much less organized. Even though they were all backed up and included in my system, I still have all of the original project drives that are collecting dust. I thought I was alone with it until I posted it on social media and a lot of other professionals confessed the same thing.

In this video I take a look at some of the things I use every day that if you haven’t been to a professional studio, you might not expect, or at least not in such an amount of certain items, from certain items older than the photographer right through huge stacks of obsolete electronics that we can too stubbornly sell at such a low price compared to what we bought them for.

While the list is by no means extensive, it does provide a good insight into the mindset of a commercial studio and how we decide where to inject the money or save most of the time. The tennis ball trick is useful for pretty much any photographer too!



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