The school photography company moves its headquarters to North Bay


“Although we offer our services across Canada, North Bay presented the best option to build the base of our organization.”

A company called Everest Solutions will establish its operations and new headquarters in North Bay, says Dan Boudreau, president and founder.

Its business is from capturing imagery through school portraiture, class and group and graduation photography to providing yearbooks and liquor and team apparel.

“Everest Solutions provides comprehensive services and products to meet the needs of school communities across Canada,” according to a press release.

School photography is as relevant as ever, although proud parents brandish cellphones and take a combination of good and bad photos that never get printed.

“What has changed is the integration of technology into our systems,” explains Boudreau. who has over 25 years of industry experience. “We employ advanced technical solutions and top-of-the-line security to ensure we exceed the privacy protection requirements of our schools and customers.

“It is still relevant to buy photos. People still want photos on the wall. You go into people’s homes and see photos on the fridge. You see keychains and many people still carry photos in their wallets. What we do know are people still want to buy photos.”

The ability to form partnerships with local organizations such as Canadore College and iCamp are some of the factors that led to the company’s decision to establish its North Bay roots from Ottawa. These partnerships contribute to the local economy and allow the company to leverage skills, talent and resources in Northern Ontario.

“Although we offer our services across Canada,” says Boudreau, “North Bay was the best option to build the base of our organization.”

Another factor is the appeal of a hometown.

Boudreau attended Algonquin High School and his mother and sister still live here. His father helped set up Canadore College.

“My daughters were born in North Bay,” Boudreau tells BayToday. “My career made it too difficult to fly out of North Bay, so I had to move to Ottawa, but I wanted the HQ there, maybe because that’s where we have roots. I know a lot of people and it’s a great community. North Bay is where I want to be.”

According to Arley Mackinnon, VP of Operations, the company’s goals are simple. “We want to take portraits that show individuality and make people feel good. We want to make it easy and affordable for everyone, while ensuring that our school partners receive the care and attention they deserve to meet their changing needs. When we add the latest technologies around photography, data security and production, we are well on our way to moving the industry forward,” says Mackinnon.

Everest Solutions services are now available in Northern Ontario, portions of Southern Ontario (GTA and Ottawa), Montreal, PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


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