The New Staten Island Bridal Shop offers unique dresses and elegant event spaces


STATEN ISLAND, NY – The most unique aspect of Something Blü’s newly opened bridal boutique is its decor: featuring a Versace-patterned grass wall, a spacious split-level floor plan, bright, chandelier-lit dressing rooms, and a rooftop seating area loft style is not your average bridal salon. There’s a posh VIP ambience, champagne-accompanied appointments, and a spacious customizable event space. And then of course there are the clothes.

“I’ve curated a ton of unique styles – a mix of classy dresses and slimmer, alternative silhouettes that are perfect for smaller weddings, elopements and rehearsal dinners,” noted Miriam Nosseir, owner of the chic West Brighton store that recently hosted a gentle Opening. “The styles here are so unique and beautiful, just like the store itself.”

On a busy stretch of Forest Ave. Located between Bement and N. Burgher, the store is hard to miss and is lit up in blue every night. The sleek and modern building is surrounded by other retail locations and is highly visible to passers-by – a quality Nosseir hopes to capitalize on.

On a busy stretch of Forest Ave. Located between Bement and N. Burgher, the store, which is lit up blue each night, is surrounded by other retail destinations and is clearly visible to passersby—a feature Nosseir hopes to capitalize on (Photo courtesy Steve White/Staten Arts Photography)

“It’s such a pretty and unique space — we plan to rent it out for events, photoshoots and more,” Nosseir said, describing another branch of her business called Something Blü Creative Studio. “We made our boutique convertible with collapsible shelves and bought event style tables and chairs. Our rooftop terrace is the perfect spot for a sunset lunch or soiree. There’s a real Manhattan vibe here and we want to share that.”

Nosseir, who has worked in human resources for years, says becoming an entrepreneur has always been her dream.

The new bridal shop offers unique dresses and a posh event space

A Versace-patterned grass wall is a focal point at the entrance to the store. (Photo courtesy of Steve White/Staten Arts Photography)

“I worked in retail management years ago and opening a store like this has always been a goal and a dream,” she said. “The goal was to be an entrepreneur and the dream was to work in wedding fashion.”

The 29-year-old shop owner says she’s never been married and never experienced the shopping experience herself, but has always felt connected to the process.

“When I was six or seven, I would spend my weekends watching marathons of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ with my older sister,” Nosseir said, describing her obsession with the TLC show. “I’ve also shopped with friends and family for their big day and I know how detailed the process can be. When you’re looking for the perfect dress, it’s an emotional time. You should not be forced out of the dressing room after hitting a time limit or trying on too many dresses. I have a strong background in customer service and wanted to use that to provide the best possible experience for Staten Island brides and their families.”

The new bridal shop offers unique dresses and a posh event space

The boutique and creative studio can serve as a backdrop for a range of public and private events. (Photo courtesy of Steve White/Staten Arts Photography)

In addition to wedding dresses, Nosseir offers a chic line of bridal lingerie imported from Bellarus, as well as many evening wear styles suitable for wedding guests and bridesmaids. And there’s plenty of exclusives, too: According to the store owner, Israeli fashion designer Adam Zohar – who has select rights to the Valentino fabric – recently named Something Blue Bridal as his flagship location for the NYC area.

“This means Something Blue will be the only place in NYC where brides can find these exclusive fabrics and dress designs,” Nosseir said.

The new bridal shop offers unique dresses and a posh event space

The dressing room is adorned with chandeliers and offers ample seating. (Photo courtesy of Steve White/Staten Arts Photography)

Something Blue is taking dress appointments starting in September, and the store is also gearing up for the 2023 prom season. Nosseir directs potential clients to her Instagram page @somethingblu.bridal for updates and event booking instructions.

“We are open to all types of events,” concluded Nosseir. “Pop-up shops, fun costume parties, bridal showers and more. It’s unique and beautiful here, and we can’t wait to be a strong part of the Staten Island business community.”

The new bridal shop offers unique dresses and a posh event space

Miriam Nosseir has recently opened Something Blu Bridal, a boutique in West Brighton specializing in unique formal wear. (Photo courtesy of Steve White/Staten Arts Photography)


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