The deadline for the Better Newspaper Contest has been extended


The WNA Foundation Better Newspaper Contest submission deadline has been extended to Wednesday, November 2nd. The extended deadline for postmarking entries by post is Friday 28th October.

Contest Managers with questions are encouraged to review the contest rules and categories, and answers to frequently asked questions, before submitting entries.

Competitors will be recognized in five competition divisions – two daily and three weekly. Newspapers will be divided into sections based on the number of copies of a single edition (print edition + e-edition) published closest to the submission date of their declaration of ownership published within the contest entry period.

The five newspapers that collect the most total points from editorial and advertising awards are recognized as Best of Division. The two newspapers with the highest daily and weekly circulations are named Newspapers of the Year.

This year’s competition will be judged by members of the Arkansas Press Association.

Do you have anymore questions? Contact WNA Membership & Communications Director Julia Hunter.

How do I log into the contest portal, add authorized participants, or pay for entries?

If you are a first-time attendee manager or need a refresher on how to use the system, you can download the attendee manager guide below. It includes instructions on:

  • Login to your account
  • make entries
  • Validating Your Account
  • Updating Your Account Information
  • Create Authorized Participants
  • Disable eligible participants
  • Paying for entries (including by check, credit card, and PayPal)

How do I submit posts by email?

Where possible, PDFs or links to e-editions are preferred. However, a select number of categories allow paper submissions. Printed copies can only be submitted in these specific categories:

  • General Excellence
  • All-round newspaper photography
  • Best Feature (Editorial)
  • Best Feature (Commercial)
  • Best Niche Product
  • Best Continuing Niche Publication

If you choose to submit entries by post, you must still submit*some* Information about the entry online:

  1. Enter title, credit and other required information on the contest website.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. A label will appear on your screen. Print out the screen, cut out the label and affix it to all printed entries so that judges can identify the entries when using the online portal to submit judgments. Use tape, label paper, or paperclips to attach the label to each paper entry. If the entry contains three issues, such as B. General Excellence, add labels to each problem.
Example of a label from the WNAF Better Newspaper Contest

Submissions by post and payment must be postmarked and sent to the following address by October 21, 2022:

WNAF Better Newspaper Contest
34 Schroederhof, Suite 220
Madison, WI 53711

How should I submit attachments and URLs?

For each category in the WNA Foundation’s Better Newspaper Contest, the contest manager (or authorized entrant) must submit a PDF attachment, a JPG attachment, a link, or a combination thereof. When submitting entries, it is important to consider the workload of our judges. With that in mind, members are encouraged to get in touch PDF whenever possible. This also applies to entries that have only appeared online.

If possible, convert online entries into PDFs

We’ve outlined two easy options below on how to convert your submission to a PDF:

  1. Use Print to PDF
    1. Open your story in your web browser and click Print. (This is usually in the settings area at the top right of your window.)
    2. Select “Save as PDF”. (Choose this option from the Destination drop-down list. Depending on your browser, you may need to select Adobe PDF from the printer menu in your print dialog instead.)
    3. Name your file, choose where you want to save it, and click Save.
  1. Use the Full Page Screen Capture extension.
    1. Another way to save online stories as PDF is by using Chrome extension “Full Page Screen Capture” which allows users to save a screen capture of entire browser window as PDF with the click of a button.

Of course, not all online-only contributions should be submitted as PDFs. Interactive posts such as videos and photo galleries should be submitted with a URL. Just don’t forget to provide a username and password in the judges’ comments section.

Provide credentials for paywalled or metered websites

If you choose to submit a URL and your article has a paywall, you will need to give the judge(s) a password to access the site in the comments section for each entry in which a URL was specified. Please also keep this in mind when measuring your website. Judges could still hit the paywall.

Consider the size of the PDF file

BetterBNC recommends being single files under 5MB but allows up to 20 MB per attachment. Judges’ time is important, so file size is crucial to ensure that all of their time isn’t tedious waiting for unnecessarily large files to download.

What do I do if I can’t find a clip?

The WNA can give you quick and easy access to your newspaper’s digital archive (every member has one!). If you require credentials and/or instructions, contact WNA Media Services Director Denise Guttery at 608-283-7630 or [email protected]

How do I enter categories that require multiple attachments, such as B. Annual reports or local columns?

Several competition categories require three examples – all of which should be appended to a single entry. (Examples include Local Column, Reporting on Local Education, and Overall Page Design.) When entering any of these categories, participants should follow the steps below:

  1. Choose division & category.
  2. Enter three headings separated by commas or semicolons.
  3. Select the execution date of one of the attachments.
  4. Choose Choose file and upload the first attachment. Select “Browse and attach more files” and proceed to upload the next two attachments. (Or include three URLs if submitting links.)

When you’re done, your entry should look like this:

Better Newspaper Competition

How should I submit photo entries?

Photo contributions should always contain two attachments. They are:

  1. A full-page PDF of the page where the photo appeared OR a URL to the photo online.
  2. A JPG of the original photo.

What title should I use for my posts?

The headline or title of the post should make clear what is being judged. Here are some best practices for identifying submissions:

Entries with multiple stories: Include all headings in the heading or in the title field. Separate with comma or semicolon. If not all headings fit, paste them in the comments section. (e.g. an unnecessarily sad ending; the legislature fails again; a damn bad idea)

Issues or Sections: For categories that require an entire entry or section, enter the date or dates of each in the title field. (e.g. Oct 1, 2021; Dec 22, 2021; Feb 14, 2022)

Photos: Adequate description of the photo. Attached JPGs also help judges identify photos. (e.g. Black Hawks celebrate homecoming)

To sue: The headline or company name in the ad. If multiple ads are submitted as part of a single listing, identify each ad. (e.g. Suffolk Street Eatery)

Is there a limit to the number of posts I can make in a single category?

Unless otherwise noted, there is no limit to the number of unique entries that an individual or a reporting team (ie, multi-line stories or team-reported reporting) may submit.

For categories with an entry limit that also allows entry by an entry team, no person may be credited with more entries than the total entry limit, regardless of whether that person’s name appears as a separate byline or is part of a entry team. (For examplein environmental reporting, if April O’Neil entered a single-line story that has a limit of 2 entries per reporter, and was also included in a multi-line team entry in the same category, she has reached her entry limit.)


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