The artist hopes to shape clay, students and the community


WHEAT RIDGE, Colorado (KDVR) – Sculptor, photographer, writer and teacher, a man who just opened a studio in Colorado hopes to share his skills with the community.

It was Joshua Margolis’ dream to display his artwork while helping the community create their own. FOX31 got a glimpse of their new studio in Wheat Ridge.

“I’ve always felt kind of out of place and made different moves with the world, and I wanted to create a community for people who might not fit into the regular square pegs,” Margolis said.

Margolis is new to Colorado, but he’s not new to clay modeling.

“I’ve been working with clay for over 30 years now,” Margolis said. “I’ve been teaching for about 20 years and then I started writing my books about five or six years ago.”

His first medium was sculpting clay figures, but he knew a piece of the story was missing, so he decided to write it himself. He takes his clay figures outside and photographs them.

“If I want to tell a different part of the story, I have to do new pieces for it,” he said

Now his clay pieces, like Melvin the robot, are part of a storyline. The clay characters come to life on the page.

He is about to publish his third book; it should be available in August.

He doesn’t stop at the chief creator, he also wants to shape students.

“So community is paramount to me and creativity is paramount, and I wanted to combine the two,” Margolis said. “Creating art is fantastic, but giving creativity to other people and inspiring them to create new things is just as valuable to me.”

That’s why, just a few weeks ago, he opened his studio called Out of Step Clay in Wheat Ridge, where others can sign up for a class in hand-sculpting clay or using the potter’s wheel.

“I love that wow moment when students are really excited about what they’re about to learn and when they realize they can do it,” Margolis said. “It’s hard to learn but I emphasize the process over the product and if we focus on the basics you will be really happy with the results.”

Even if drawing is more your speed, you can put pen to paper to create a character and when selected, Margolis will sculpt him out of clay.


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