SAN Consumer Bank Cash And Car Loan

SAN Consumer Bank Cash And Car Loan

In SAN Consumer Bank you can get a cash loan, installment loan, car loan, consolidation loan, home loan or credit card on favorable terms. Masterful Cash Loan SAN Consumer Bank is the perfect solution for everyone! SAN Consumer Bank will match the amount of credit to your needs, adjust the amount of installments. The loan can be taken without the guarantors and without unnecessary formalities, and cash can be obtained during a single visit to the branch.

Master Cash Loan in SAN Consumer Bank is a top product. It does not require many formalities and can be obtained even in a few hours. With the help of a cash loan you can finance almost everything: renovation of the apartment, wedding, First Holy Communion, new bike, laptop, TV, far and near travel, and even a holiday trip. With a cash loan, dreams can come true really quickly.


Car loans – auto in installments

Car loans - auto in installments

Some plans are not worth postponing. Especially those regarding the purchase of a car that you can comfortably and safely travel with the whole family. Therefore, SAN Consumer Bank has prepared a good car loan that will help you easily realize your dream about the car. In SAN Consumer Bank you will find an attractive interest-bearing credit for a new or used car. Complete your SAN Consumer Bank car loan plan and enjoy life.


Cash loan with a low interest rate

Cash loan with a low interest rate

A cash loan at SAN Consumer Bank means more benefits than you think:

  • minimum of formalities,
  • without guarantors
  • quick decision to grant a loan
  • a simple way to document your identity and source of income
  • the possibility of combining different sources of income, including the spouse.


TurboKARTA SAN Consumer Bank

TurboKARTA SAN Consumer Bank

The main advantages of TurboKARTY are:

  • constant access to money
  • cheaper shopping and fuel up to PLN 30 a month
  • fast and convenient contactless payments
  • safe travel with a free car assistance package
  • the ability to use the card for free
  • many repayment options
  • the possibility of repayment in installments.


Required documents and certificates

People applying for a loan at SAN Consumer Bank must present one document confirming their identity – an ID card and a certificate of employment income under a contract of employment, a civil law contract (commission contract, contract for a specific task, agency contract, management contract), pensions / pensions , running a business or an agricultural holding.


Cash loan – money even in 1 day

Cash loan - money even in 1 day

The proposal concerns a Master Cash Loan with a requested amount of PLN 6,000 to PLN 35,000, with a maximum lending period of 60 months and is available to SAN Consumer Bank New Customers understood as adult natural persons with full legal capacity, which as of the date of conclusion of the contract the cash loan was not linked to any contract: loans / cash loans, loans / consolidation loans, credit cards, installment loans, SAN Consumer Bank or SAN Consumer Finance SA or AIG Bank Polska SA

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