Rutland Regional Celebrates $4.1 Million Mental Health Services Renovation


Vermont Business Magazine For the first time in over two years, Rutland Regional Medical Center was able to welcome people into the facility to celebrate an important milestone, the completion of renovations to the Inpatient Psychiatric Services Unit (PSIU).

The event took place on Wednesday, September 14 at 4:00 p.m. at the hospital’s CVPS/Leahy Community Health Education Center on the basement level. Before the celebrations began, Vermont Mental Health Commissioner Emily Hawes and Deputy Commissioner Allison Krompf received a private tour of PSIU from Unit Nurse Chief Lesa Cathcart.

The tour was attended by Dick Courcelle, Executive Director of Rutland Mental Health, Honorary Member of the RRHS/RRMC Board and Chair of the Enhancing Culture of Care Campaign, and Traci Moore, Senior Director of Development and Community Relations at Rutland Regional. Kelly Watson, Chief Nursing Officer, and Dr. Matt Sommons, Psychiatry.

Renovations and improvements throughout the unit include:

  • Total bed capacity increased from 17 to 20, of which 18 are singles, an increase from 6 singles before the renovation
  • Regulatory and security upgrades for furnishings and finishes
  • Adding specially framed photographs donated by local photographers and improved lighting and aesthetics, such as B. Using warm colors to create a welcoming and comfortable environment
  • Improved patient monitoring and line of sight from nurse station to improve patient safety.

At the celebration, Claudio Fort, President and CEO of Rutland Regional, welcomed the guests and spoke about Rutland Regional’s long history of serving the psychiatric and mental health needs of the community, including the renovation of the hospital’s emergency room as well as the opening of West Ridge Center for Addiction and Recovery. Today, Rutland Regional’s PSIU is one of only five inpatient psychiatric units in Vermont.

“Our hospital has a proud history of providing mental health services as a key element of our mission,” said Fort. “The Enhancing the Culture of Care campaign has helped put the increased need for mental health services in perspective. Not only has the campaign raised important funds for this project, but — it has helped our community speak differently about mental illness and — it has reduced the stigma that still exists as a barrier to patients seeking help.”

In his remarks, Dick Courcelle thanked the community for their support of the more than two-year campaign.

“The campaign has helped raise awareness of the need and importance of mental health and mental health programs and how to access them as our community faces and continues to recover from the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19 ‘ said Courcelle.

Last year, Rutland Regional’s PSIU treated 650 patients, 75% of whom live in the Rutland Regional Service area. Lesa Cathcart, RN, PSIU’s Nurse Director, spoke about the importance of creating a warm, welcoming and comforting atmosphere for patients and the process of gathering patient input during the planning and design process.

“When we designed our unit, we listened to our patients, and we also listened to our community advisory board,” said Lisa Cathcart, RN, PSIU’s Nurse Director. “For example, we heard that it would be really nice for patients to have an area where they could get their medicines privately. Here they could have a private chat with the nurse and ask questions or search for information about medication. And guess what? We have that now. We are also able to offer more programs and activities that were never possible before.”

Emily Hawes, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Mental Health, thanked Rutland Regional and PSIU providers for their investment in PSIU.

“Ensuring the availability of therapeutic environments focused on healing and support remains a priority for the Department of Mental Health,” Commissioner Hawes said. “Facilities across the state are offering individuals the opportunity to receive treatment closer to where they live so they can stay connected to their family and community networks.”

Project description and scope:

Located on the fourth floor of Rutland Regional’s main campus, PSIU has undergone a transformation over the past two years. Changes to the unit include an increase in private bedrooms for patients, a new nurses’ station, furniture, and regulatory and cosmetic improvements that have helped create a safer, more patient-centric, and comfortable treatment environment for patients and their families.

Project cost: $4.1 million

Project period:

PSIU Renovation Start Date: July 2019

Project Completion Date: August 2022

About Rutland Regional Medical Center

Founded in 1896, Rutland Regional Medical Center is the largest community hospital and second largest healthcare facility in Vermont. Rutland Regional is supported by a medical staff of 271 physicians trained in 37 specialties and over 1700 employees. With a strong patient-centric focus and consistent quality performance, Magnet® Rutland Regional is recognized as a caregiver and award-winning care provider and remains committed to improving the health of families and individuals throughout Rutland County and beyond.

15.9.2022. Rutland, VT—Rutland Regional Medical Center


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