Polaroid switches to music with Bluetooth speakers and streaming radio


The company’s first Bluetooth speakers are the Polaroid P1 and Polaroid P2. The P1 is the smaller of the two and the smallest of the four new speakers announced today. Polaroid describes the P1 as a product designed to work optimally in small gatherings. Like many Bluetooth speakers today, the P1 allows users to connect two P1 units together to create a stereo effect. The P1 is rated at 10 watts and also gets small 45mm drivers. The built-in 2,000 mAh battery can power the device for around 10 hours and takes two hours to fully charge. The Polaroid P1 is IPX5 certified and also features a USB-C port for connectivity and charging. Polaroid P1 will be offered in black, red, yellow and blue color options and will go on sale at a price of $59.99.

Positioned above the Polaroid P1 is its more expensive, better-equipped cousin: the Polaroid P2. Aside from the larger size (and therefore bigger sound), the Polaroid P2 gets a larger 47mm driver, while featuring a 60mm passive radiator to enhance the lower frequencies. The larger size also allows Polaroid to cram a 2,500mAh battery into the P2; This ensures that the model lasts more than 15 hours on a single charge. The speaker can also be controlled via app. The Polaroid P2 Player costs $129.99 and comes in gray, black, yellow, red, and blue color options.


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