Needful Things Boutique in Mascoutah, IL opens August 2nd



Needful Things Boutique at 227 E. Main St. in Mascoutah

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A new business is housed in one of Mascoutah’s magnificent historic buildings.

The Needful Things Boutique opens Tuesday, August 2nd in a 19th-century building on the corner of East Main Street and North Jefferson Street.

The building sits at a four-way stop where drivers can’t help but notice the striking building with the pretty glass facade.

I visited the new store and met with co-owners Danielle Buss and Marie Lyons Janasik who are cousins ​​and their daughter Emily Janasik who also helps run the store.

Buss and Lyons Janasik decided to open the boutique for two reasons: Buss wanted a studio space for their existing photography shop, and both wanted to give others a place to purchase items they couldn’t easily find when they needed them.

The idea came about because Buss was struggling to find all-natural products for herself and her family. It made sense to open a store where all of these things were in one place, both for her and for others.

The items stocked in this boutique have been selected through a simple process: would we buy/wear them?

Every item in the shop is something Buss or Lyons Janasik or someone they know would buy for themselves or their family.

The boutique’s name comes from Stephen King’s novel Needful Things (it’s also a movie). The story is about a shop of the same name. Anyone who enters the store will find what they want.

Lyons Janasik said she loves this name for a business and it seemed to fit what they are trying to do. But the Mascoutah version is definitely not as dark as King’s story.

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Danielle Buss and Marie Lyons-Janasik, owners of Needful Things Boutique in Mascoutah Jennifer Green [email protected]

Available goods

Items at Needful Things include essential oils, healing crystals, all-natural bath and body products, costume jewelry, CBD products, fashion/boutique clothing, and “other random goodies,” according to Buss.

The women-run store is on a very natural path, Buss said. Most items are locally sourced. Goods they couldn’t get locally, like the crystals, were ordered elsewhere.

Locally sourced items include bath products from Infinity Bath & Body, which makes all-natural soaps and bath bombs, most notably the F-Bomb (some products in the boutique have a playful quality). It’s a disc-shaped bath bomb with a big “F” on it.

Clothing in the store was an afterthought. Lyons Janasik ordered some items that got a lot of feedback on the Facebook page.

“People were crazy about the clothes,” Buss said, so they took them into the store.

I personally like the sleeveless shirt that says “fit•ish: adjective /’fitiSH/ Likes being fit but also really likes tacos.”

Essential oils that Buss and Lyons Janasik both use frequently include dōTERRA and Aura Cacia products (which offer customers a lower price point).

They even offer house mixes, kid and family friendly: sprays for ouch, bugs, burns. A linen spray is coming soon.

Any essential oil products they don’t have in stock can be ordered.

JGreen072822_Needful Things crystals.jpg
Some of the crystals available at the Needful Things Boutique Jennifer Green [email protected]

Other merchandise in the shop includes team gear for Mascoutah High School. Needful Things has an agreement with the high school to use their logo for retail purposes.

Buss and Lyons Janasik also work with Team Mascoutah, whose sole purpose is to help young kids develop athletically to prepare for high school sports. Buss said they want to help meet the demand for team gear, especially for the parents who want the products but often can’t find them.

Buss said she looked at the stocks they had on social media. They’ve already sold a lot of them and the store hasn’t even opened yet.

It is also partnered with Warrior Logo Wear, a Mascoutah-based veteran-owned company that offers screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, graphic design on a variety of apparel, accessories, signs and several everyday items.

Buss said she also wants to provide items for the surrounding community schools — Okawville, Wesclin, Belleville East and West. These items would be special orders only.

In the not-too-distant future, Buss hopes to host evening classes, including yoga classes from Katie Hillen of Breathe & Bend in Albers. Hillen also leads sound therapy workshops.

Buss said they would also like to host essential oil make-and-take workshops where they can teach others about the practical uses of each oil and help them create their own blends.

Danielle Nicole Photography

Buss specialized in natural light photography and studio photography for seven years, primarily with families, children and high school seniors.

The boutique doubles as a photo studio and the features of the building make it a really good one.

Exposed brick walls are a great element, but my favorite part of the building is the facade – it’s all the doors and windows.

The glass at the top is beautiful and may be original to the building. There is so much light coming in which is great as Buss uses natural light in her photographic work.

A dark blue painted wall with the words “She believed she could, she did” serves as a backdrop for some of her photo sessions.

Buss said the lettering was hand-painted by her cousin Mikayla Weber of Mascoutah. (I was impressed – I thought it was stenciled.)

The interior of the shop was made for the studio space.

The display tables and seating are all on casters so they can be easily moved out of the way for photo sessions.

Photo sessions with Dani Nicole Photography are only possible by appointment.

Buss is currently booking appointments for Santa Claus photos in October.

Samples of Buss’ work can be found online at

JGreen072822_Needful Things Photo Backgrounds.jpg
Backdrops for the photo studio area at Needful Things Boutique Jennifer Green [email protected]

About Needful Things Boutique

The Needful Things Boutique is located at 227 E. Main St. in Mascoutah.

Boutique hours are Tuesday through Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They are closed from Sunday to Monday.

For more information, call 618-566-0010 or visit

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