Kim Kardashian gives a SKKN BY KIM office tour


Kim Kardashian gives fans a glimpse of a space designed for her latest brand, SKKN BY KIM.

In a YouTube video shared on Friday, titled “Welcome to my office! Official SKKN BY KIM Office Tour” The Kardashians Star, 41, gives a full tour of the skincare brand’s office, which includes two glamorous rooms, two kitchens, two magazine walls, an amphitheater and a photography studio.

Kardashian kicks off the tour with a tribute to her decorators Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez. She also thanks Michèle Lamy from Rick Owens who helped with the furniture. “She made all the furniture and helped me find everything I could possibly need and love,” Kardashian says of Lamy in the clip.

After the tour, the mother of four shows one of her “favorite things in the office” – an amphitheatre.

“It came about because the space here is so huge — I think it’s about 40,000 square feet — but I wanted a cozy area, not just when the kids come in and they can hang out and watch movies, but when I do it has to show presentations or just look at something on a larger scale,” she explains.

Kim Kardashian

In the space, Kardashian’s priority was comfort, and she wanted a place where her co-workers and family could just “chill out.” The centerpiece of the room is a chocolate U-shaped bed/sofa designed by Rick Owens. “I’d seen one of those Rick Owens beds like this and always loved it, so she sent Michèle a picture and said, ‘How do we make something like this for my office?’ says Kardashian.

In the kitchen on the ground floor, the “most used room” is open and spacious. With artwork by Vanessa Beecroft on the walls, the space is used for events, meetings and just hanging out. “Fridges in the office — full of drinks,” Kardashian says at one point.

In a waiting area, the SKIMS founder displays her collection of books, all of which inspire her in some way. “Whether it’s the Marilyn book my mother gave me after the Met [Gala] or these home furniture books, everything I love is in here,” she says.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian moves into the next area and introduces what she calls the “model glam room.” She explains, “We do so much photoshoots here that I wanted a space where when we’re doing content there would be enough space for all the models and of course some SKIMS robes and tailoring stuff and a chill area.”

The glamorous space then extends to a full-fledged photo studio. “It’s been such a blessing to have a photo studio in my office and to be so close to home,” Kardashian tells viewers.

Kim Kardashian

The star then moves on to her own “quiet and quiet” glam room. In the nearby bathroom, the reality star points out a small chair at the end of the shower.

“I’m not sure who came up with this idea,” she jokes. “Fun fact actually — I’m so busy and I’m working all the time that there’s real purpose for the seat.” Kardashian then explains that some members of her team tend to sit while she’s showering after a shoot to ask questions, show samples, and take notes, saying, “That’s not the weirdest thing you’ll see.”

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian then shows off her showroom, which she describes as her “dream come true.” She explains: “I’ve always wanted my showroom to have half SKKN and half SKIMS and for those to be my two brands. And just visually everything somehow fits together.”

For all her fans and friends who didn’t get items from her brands because they’re sold out or unavailable, Kardashian says they’re all in the showroom, but jokes, “We have 24-hour security, so don’t even think.” about it.”

She then takes fans to the area’s waiting room, which is filled with magazines of her and all her family, an idea she copied from mom Kris Jenner. “Why don’t you give people a little insight into who they’re dealing with when they walk into my office?” she explains.

Kardashian continues to the second floor and then shows the conference room area with a wall covered with magazine covers. “These walls make me so happy,” she says. “Those are all my memories. I have a memory for every cover. Each cover is so special to me that I could tell you where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, who I’ve been with. So many amazing memories.”

Kardashian then takes fans to her personal office, which was heavily used in the development of SKKN BY KIM’s packaging. “So packaging is my thing,” she says. “I love concepts for photo shoots and I love packaging concepts and design.”

Kardashian explains that the final design of her skincare products is based on looking like stone and says the first step in making this possible was to make the products out of real stone to use as a comparison. “Isn’t that the cutest, coolest thing ever?” she asks, comparing the two.

Before Kardashian leaves the room, she also shows off a gift sister Kendall Jenner gave her for Christmas — a box full of inspirational quotes. “Things like that make me happy,” she says.

Kim Kardashian

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Also on the second floor, Kardashian features a second kitchen, a second magazine wall, more office space, additional product rooms, and more.

At the end of the tour, Kardashian tries to get back into her car but is unable to open it. “I can never figure out how to open my car door,” she says.

“Does anyone know how I can get into my car? Kardashian then questions the room before allowing her access to the vehicle. “If that were the case Scream I’d be dead by now,” she jokes.


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