Forests & Trees in a new photo exhibition in the Middle St. Gallery | Art & theater



Middle Street Gallery in Washington, Virginia is proud to announce that member artist Francie Schroeder will show her photographs from June 18 to July 25.

Other members of the artist cooperative in Rappahannock County will also be showing works there, according to a recent gallery announcement from Gary Anthes.

Both the forest and the trees can be seen in Schroeder’s exhibition “Behold the forest”.

The mostly black and white pictures show “shadow and light, life and death, refuge and danger, ominous and welcoming, caring for and withdrawing, sheltering and ruin, order and chaos,” says the photographer.

“What a great and complex place a forest is! In childhood, thoughts and stories about the forest arouse our imagination with a whole range of emotions from awe to fear, from peace to trepidation, ”said Schroeder.

The many moods in the forest and the promise of adventures or encounters with unknown creatures have always enchanted her, says the artist.

Middle Street Gallery, a not-for-profit cooperative, is holding its Spring Membership Promotion. Information on membership applications can be found at

The gallery,, is located next to The Inn at Little Washington and is open Friday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Call 540 / 675-1313.



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