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Archive – November 15, 2017

“I’m the happiest person in the world! That is my secret. I do what I like best: taking photos!” This is how Douglas Kirkland describes his job, best known for his celebrity photography, in his career spanning more than 50 years he has made legendary portraits, some of which have become symbols of their time.

I fondly remember his way of taking us to more than 170 film sets and photographing hundreds of actors and actresses, the most recognizable faces in the world of cinema. He captured her during cinematic sequences that will stay with us forever, during Hollywood’s golden years,

Douglas chose to celebrate the subjects of his photographs. With his highly professional approach and experience, he camouflaged and softened the excesses of the protagonists in his photographs and, aided by his amazing creativity, always managed to capture exactly how they liked to appear.

His relationship with the people he photographs is friendly, casual, and full of friendliness; his eye contact with the person in front of his camera allows everyone to relax and rely on his brilliant vision.

This special exchange with the protagonists of his photographs is also an act of love. Douglas Kirkland’s talent is backed by a wonderful gift: an unwavering reliability that shaped every moment of his life. When he was with movie stars, with agents, photo editors and editors-in-chief of magazines and newspapers and also with his friends. He was always so trustworthy.

I fondly remember meeting in LA and NY with Francoise and Douglas Kirkland, with whom I have a wonderful friendship. We always had a great time together, days full of laughter. Now, every morning in my studio, I enjoy seeing the photos of her dinners, her travels, and the Douglas commissions that Francoise posts on social media, these images keep me company.

You can’t talk about Douglas Kirkland without talking about his wife, Francoise. Douglas is still handsome and was very charming when he was young, Francoise is also an extremely fascinating woman, her green eyes are mesmerizing. Together they are a wonderful couple who are very close both privately and professionally. They combine an overwhelming harmony: Douglas’ creativity and Francoise’s fantastic energy, which was always able to coordinate his numerous projects perfectly behind the scenes – I still remember the faxes that Francoise sent me from Los Angeles and which I found in my office in the morning in Milan.

Douglas’ talent is on everyone’s lips, even people who aren’t in the world of photography ask me about him.

In addition to his tireless work in the cinematic environment, I also have vivid memories of his numerous reports, including an unforgettable one on an astronomical observatory that was published on Geo US.

Speaking about his job, Douglas often admits that every time he starts work on a new project is a fresh start because there are no absolutes in a photographer‘s career.

Grace Neri

Grazia Neri was born in Milan. After working at the Newsblitz photo agency, she entered her own photography business in 1966, representing the newly formed French agency Gamma, which dissolved a few years later, giving birth to Sygma, which she then represented instead. Since then, Grazia Neri has enjoyed the confidence of some of the most prestigious photographers, prestigious magazines and very committed agencies such as Contact, Matrix, Network, Vu… She is rightly considered a serious reference for both photographers and agencies 24/7 around the world. She is the artistic director of her own gallery, which she opened in her hometown in 1997, and president of the agency that bears her name.

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