Dartmouth man arrested after six-hour standoff with police


A six-hour standoff between a man armed with a knife and Dartmouth Police ended peacefully on Saturday.

At around 10am on August 20, Dartmouth Police tried to arrest Jack Bradford Gifford, 20, of Dartmouth Street on an outstanding warrant.

While police tried to arrest him, Gifford armed himself with a knife and barricaded himself inside his home, police said.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get Gifford out of the house, police called in negotiators and SWAT team members from the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council.

Still, the negotiators were unsuccessful in getting Gifford to leave the house, so SWAT members went inside. Police say Gifford left the house peacefully at the time.

He was taken to St Luke’s Hospital for an examination.

In addition to the warrant, Gifford now faces multiple charges related to the standoff, police said.

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