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Photographers of all ages and experience have just two weeks left to submit photos for this year’s Air Force Department Photo Contest.

The theme of this year’s competition, which runs until August 31st, is Celebrating Traditions.

Appropriate for this year 75th Anniversary of the Air Force, this year’s competition encourages entries with family, military and cultural traditions that demonstrate closeness and a sense of belonging and identity. Traditions give celebrations meaning and bind us together through special bonds, the competition organizers said Air Force Service Center.

“It’s another exciting year for our photo contest as this year’s theme focuses on celebrating the traditions of all of our entrants,” said Susan Lear, AFSVC photo contest coordinator. “Share with us how you celebrate and practice your traditions with dance, food, parades, decorations, community and more.”

The photo contest highlighting and celebrating the artistry of photography created by Airmen, Guardian and their families, is open to children from the age of six in five categories:

Categories for adult beginners and advancedfor those who are at least 18 years old at the time of registration: Beginner for new photographers and Intermediate for those with knowledge based on education or experience or those who are professional photographers.

youth categoriesBased on the photographer‘s age at the time of submission: categories are children aged 6-8, youth aged 9-12 and teenagers aged 13-17.

“It’s as simple as a picture of a family reunion, cultural traditions, the exploration of creativity is endless, how you want to showcase your traditions, it will be interesting to see them in this year’s photos,” Lear said.

Photographers can submit up to two original images in JPEG format at here. Images must be at least 3MB and no larger than 9MB. As part of the Air Force Arts and Crafts Program, the competition is open to all authorized DAF sponsors morale, welfare and recreation programs.

When the competition ends on August 31st, experienced photographers will judge each entry on impact, creativity and technical excellence. Winners will be announced a few months later, with the top three photographers in each category winning Amazon gift cards worth $500 for first place, $400 for second, and $200 for third.


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