A Guide to Twin Cities Outdoor Art Fairs, 2021



Those open-air get-togethers, which have been a staple of summer for the past few years, may seem a bit pulled together at the eleventh hour this year, but the good news is that personal arts festivals are back again from June to September.

The Uptown Art Fair is celebrating its 57th anniversary this August, bringing together more than 300 participating artists, food trucks, art organizations and multicultural community celebrations. Executive Director Jill Osiecki noted that after a difficult and formative year she hopes this will be a healing opportunity. “I really have the feeling that it’s a celebration of our community, and that’s why it’s all the more important to show how resilient we are as a community, as an uptown, as an artist community,” says Osiecki.

With Uptown being a hub for plywood and paint masterpieces during the Minneapolis Uprising, Osiecki is optimistic about the future and stresses that the past year will not be forgotten. Exhibitions of the vivid plywood murals created last year, along with large interactive demonstrations, will accompany the artist booths and help bring visitors together. “It is really important to keep acknowledging the messages and that we cannot forget and that we have to act differently. I think we have to keep embracing that, ”she says.

And last year also hit artists particularly hard. After a break of more than a year, the watercolor artist Megan Murrell is looking forward to sharing her latest work and having the opportunity to connect with people. “I really enjoy connecting with others and hearing about the importance my art has on people’s lives,” says Murrell, who will be showcasing at Uptown, Loring Park, Minnehaha Falls and other arts festivals this summer. “Losing this opportunity because of the pandemic was heartbreaking and I’m so excited to be able to connect with people again.”

The jewelry craftsman Marti Johnson and the photographer Nicole Houff will both return to Uptown and look forward to further personal encounters. “Art fairs are the only places that attract such a wide variety of people from all over the world who can interact directly with the artist,” says Houff.

“Customers really want to see and hold and experience art,” adds Johnson. “The art community has been quite a challenge waiting to get this right back to people.”


  • STONE ARCH BRIDGE FESTIVAL: The Stone Arch Bridge Festival moved west to host its art and culinary markets and the Art of the Car Show. stonearchbridgefestival.com, 19. – 20. JUNE, WEST RIVER PARKWAY
  • EAGAN ART FESTIVAL: The Eagan Art Fest will host a personal market with live music and food as well as a virtual market. eaganartfestival.org, 26.-27. JUNE, EAGAN CENTRAL PARK
  • MINNEHAHA FALLS ART FAIR: This year, the falls will be surrounded by community organizations, grocery vendors, and artist booths with items under $ 30 at each station. minnehahafallsartfair.com, 16.-18. JULY, MINNEHAHA PARK
  • LORING PARK ART FESTIVAL: Loring Park will be filled with art, entertainment and food for a weekend of creative expression and community. loringparkartfestival.com, JULY 31 – AUGUST 1 LORING PARK
  • UPTOWN ART FAIR: In addition to hundreds of individual booths, multicultural local entertainment and art shows bring the art back to Uptown. uptownminneapolis.com, 6-8 AUGUST, LAKE AND HENNEPIN
  • POWDERHORN ART FAIR: You can shop online for the best that Powderhorn’s over 200 artists have to offer. pulverhornartfair.com, 7th-8th AUGUST, TWO DAYS ONLINE
  • FALL IN THE ARTS FESTIVAL, artists will wrap around the lake alongside food stalls selling crpes, Tibetan momos and the best of Wooden Hill Brewing’s products. edinafallintothearts.com, 11-12 SEPTEMBER, CENTENNIAL LAKES PARK



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