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Lauren and Alex's WeddingLauren contacted me in 2011 after most of my other clients had booked. She had just fired her wedding photographer, after too many delays and unanswered emails.

A little of Lauren’s story: She had tried to go with an inexpensive photographer. This photographer also had a “day job” which she said allowed her to charge less for wedding photography. Unfortunately, for Lauren, it meant waiting. Waiting for her engagement photos to be done, waiting for her emails and phone calls to be answered. When I responded immediately to her first email, her appreciation came through even in her brief response.

Last week, when I delivered her album, I asked Lauren to tell her story for other brides. She was so ready to help brides who are struggling with choosing a wedding photographer, that her response was ready the next day. Here it is:

Dear Bride burdened with choosing a photographer:

What do they cost?  How long do I get them?  What does it include? Do we get the rights to the photographs afterwards?  Just a few of the questions I’m sure you’re asking yourself.  I would like to share my story with you…I fired my first photographer after our engagement photos so I will tell it to you straight!

Honestly we never even saw Michelle’s name until our search for a replacement photographer, but once I did, I was immediately in love with her work.  Not only did she have great pictures, she had two “Arkansas Wedding Photographer of the Year” awards!  So I was terrified at this point to ask about prices just knowing that she would be out of our reach. Michelle was very quick to respond with a cost breakdown and it was much more reasonable than I thought.  I admit, however, it was still a little over our budget and I was worried how her package would fit with us, since we had already done engagements with our previous photographer.

We met with Michelle and talked over the package pricing and everything.  She was more than willing to work with us on substituting and changing some things around to help accommodate us after our epic fail in our first choice.  She showed us her previous work including the beautiful photo albums and we were sold.  I have to admit at this point I was still a little worried about money…namely, is this worth what we’re paying.  I know it’s on every girl’s mind!  It’s how we work!

Michelle was more than willing to answer all of my questions leading up to my bridal session, as I didn’t know what to expect.  On that day, she was more than willing to accommodate my numerous ideas, no matter how crazy they were.  She did shots of me in my biking shoes, cowboy boots, and my favorite purple tennis shoes.  The day I got the proofs for the bridals, I knew that EVERY penny we spent was ALREADY worth it!  I got so many absolutely GREAT photos that I had a very hard time choosing and I ended up going with one large one and three 5x7s to put on the cake table.

After such great success with the bridals, I was starting to get super excited about wedding pictures!  In the time leading up to the wedding, Michelle was quick to answer any questions I had.  She sat down with me a couple of days before the wedding to make sure she knew the exact timeline for the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, she and her assistant were nothing short of awesome!  They were very patient with our large wedding party and even larger, slightly unruly families!  They were snapping shots EVERYWHERE!  They got a fantastic mix of posed and candid pictures.  I have never been happier with any choice in all my thirty-one years, with the exception of my choice in a husband!

After the wedding, Michelle sat down with us so that we could pick out the photos we wanted included in our photo album.  It meant so much that she took the time to sit with us while we debated back and forth; she gave her thoughts but ultimately let us decide.  She has done a truly excellent job with everything for us; we got our wedding album today and it just made our day!  Everyone at work was oooohing and ahhhing over it!

Michelle will not let you down. She. Is. Awesome. PERIOD.  I hope that you find your perfect fit with a photographer, because it is magical when you do!


Lauren McDonald

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