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Wildwood Park Jewish Wedding Little Rock

Favorite Things: The Crazy Quilt Chuppah

Rachel told me about the crazy quilt chuppah when we first met. I was enchanted with the idea because I grew up quilting beside my grandmother. When I saw the actual crazy quilt chuppah, it was better than anything I could possibly have imagined. Rachel and Andy were married at Wildwood Park, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Many natural elements were incorporated into the design. There was special attention to birds, also a theme for the rest of the wedding. The […]

Let There Be Light

I think when most engaged couples hear “wedding lighting” they think “uplighting.” They think of spending a lot of extra money to add uplighting, and (based simply on my own observations) quite a few couples reject the idea. But lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, it can be one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate for your reception. The pictures above all have something in common. They all used lighting to transform a reception and […]

Heirloom cameo necklace for wedding

Favorite Things: Keeping it Real Vintage

I’ll be the first to admit I love vintage. I haunt antiques stores and flea markets in my free time (what there is of it). Like most photographers, I’m addicted to old barns, broken down tractors, and what my photography teacher used to call “patina.” Vintage is popular too. It’s not hard to get caught up in the look of vintage these days. But, I like things to be real, too. I like them to have meaning. Here are two […]

Seen at the Bridal Fair: The Cutest S’Mores Bar

A little something from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Fall Bridal Fair last month: This was at the Clinton Presidential Library booth. What a cute idea! The Clinton Library is also a lovely place to have a wedding. Ceremonies are usually on the back lawn, next to the river with a lovely breeze coming off the water. The indoor reception venue is amazing as far as lighting, and the food is great, too. I have been there as a guest for […]

Favorite Things: Ice Cream Cake

Here’s another one from my favorite wedding I didn’t “really” shoot. Okay, yes, I’m contradicting that with every cute picture I post, but this was my brother’s wedding, so I asked a long time ago to not be the main photographer. I wanted the chance to relax, enjoy myself, support my brother, and have some … ICE CREAM CAKE!! I can’t say that loud enough. Every time I even think the words “Ice cream cake” I want to shout for […]

Answering the Question: Why?

  I have had the chance to do some soul-searching this summer. Lots of great things are going to come out of this, and I have several new revelations to make in the coming weeks. But first, I want to get to the basic issue that came up here. Why do I do what I do? For months it has been part of my plan, that when I had some downtime this summer, I would spend some of it thinking […]

Origami was one of my first crafting loves. I remember, as a child, being delighted by the idea that you could take a piece of paper and, without glue, tape, or any other kind of fastener, create some kind of sculpture, or even a useful object.

These little boxes are perfect for wedding guest favors. They take some work, but it can be a great way to keep your hands busy in the days leading up to the wedding! That is, if you are the kind of person who needs to keep your hands busy in the days leading up to the wedding.

I am, and apparently my sister in law is, too. She made these triangular origami boxes for her own wedding.

Origami favor boxes for wedding

As I always say, one of the delightful things about paper is that it’s not difficult to match to your wedding colors. These days, there are thousands of different patterns of paper just in one crafts store, and you can choose something that matches both the colors and the mood of your wedding.

Or, for a green wedding idea, reuse old paper scraps. I can see these being perfectly adorable for a rustic-themed wedding, made out of paper grocery bags. You could even decorate the paper with some kind of stamp!

So here’s the tutorial I found for triangular origami boxes. Choose your paper, a message, a special suprise to go inside, and make it your own!


It’s supposed to cool down this week, and I could not be more grateful. The past few days, I have exhausted all my salad recipes and invented new ones. My family has gone through a melon and two bags of grapes in two days. I just cannot imagine turning on the stove, or even firing up the grill.

The photo below makes my mouth water.

I love this wedding idea for a summer wedding: Pineapples and palm fronds are put together to make a delightful palm tree decoration. Surround it with your favorite fruit for a great display at the buffet table!

Pineapple palm tree decoration for wedding

This might require a little structural know-how, so unless you are prepared to try it out a couple of times before the wedding day to make sure it works, your best bet might be entrusting it to your caterer.

Summertime! And I am digging in the archives for some Favorite Things before the archives get too deep for me to dig!

Of course, ideas come and go. Some stick around, and some prove to be fads. So I think it’s worthwhile to look back through past weddings every once and a while and see what has been a hit.

Groom cakes are a big deal here in the South, and sports teams seem to be a favorite theme. I have these photos in an album, and they always merit a comment from anyone who sees them:

His and Hers Razorback Cakes

Usually the comment is, “Aww, how cute!” Razorbacks are a big deal here … and I have seen couples who I know both graduated from other universities, who have a Razorback groom’s cake!

But this cute couple — her with her little pearl earrings, painted toenails, thick eyelashes and bridal veil, and him with his hat — they put some of the others to shame. Anyone can have a Razorback cake, but to have adorable Razorbacks, who are dressed for the occasion: what more could you ask?

Vintage is all the rage for weddings, so why not make it personal?

If you are going for this look for your wedding, there may be some beautiful pieces of glassware and silver in your family that could be used for serving, or simply for decoration, at your reception.

Instead of renting serving dishes, Anna and Josiah used serving dishes like this beautiful silver bowl and vintage plate.

Vintage dishes for wedding

And here’s part of the display that Events Rental and Floral had out at the Conway Bridal Show:

Vintage dishes for wedding

Don’t you just love the little teapot and tea cups? This shows that your vintage china doesn’t have to be used for serving. It doesn’t even have to be big enough for serving. Smaller pieces can add a delightful, dainty touch to your decorations.

If you like this look, but don’t have any vintage dishes readily available (or if you don’t want to risk the family heirloom china with possibly rowdy guests), try checking antique stores and flea markets. Sometimes you can pick up random pieces that are fairly inexpensive. For a more eclectic look, try mismatching pieces, or looking for a variety of pieces that reflect your wedding colors.

If you can use family pieces, it could wind up being a lovely, personal touch that has the added benefit of saving some money.

Other things to look for:

• Cool dishes that they don’t make any more (I love my grandma’s old vintage candy dishes, and she even had a special silver plate with little curved spaces for deviled eggs!)

• Punch bowls, punch servers, cake servers. A cake server used at a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding can be a great nod to tradition.

• Decorative glassware, vases (I’ll be talking about this some more in another post.)

• Remember that vintage doesn’t necessarily mean floral, gilded, and pastel. There are plenty of brightly colored vintage pieces out there! And there are plenty more (think Waterford) that are timeless and classic.

If you use pieces of glassware that are special to you, be sure to let the photographer know so they can be sure to get photos of how those heirlooms were used at your wedding!


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