Are you ready for a Michelle Posey Photography wedding or portrait experience? You are? Great!

But you want to know about price, huh? (Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?)

Call: 501.517.0962

Let’s talk.

I know this is unusual! How many photographers actually prefer that you call them, right?

But I want to talk, because I don’t have “packages” or any kind of one-size-fits all thing that I force on everyone.

Every person is different, and I got tired of trying to make them all fit into my little wedding/portrait package mold.

Let’s talk what you want! What suits you, what fits you, what you like and don’t like.

(If you insist, or have some kind of phone phobia, or you’re at work and don’t want your boss to know you’re doing wedding planning instead of that report that’s due tomorrow, just use the contact form, or email me at Just know that we will eventually need to talk for this process to work!)