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Message for Grads

Three times calling tech support for my website today. First call: incompetent. Couldn’t input my password correctly. Accidentally hung up on me. Second call: belligerent. Did not want to help, and wound up passive-aggressively putting me on hold until I hung up. Third call: “Zach,” who not only solved my problem, but a couple more problems I didn’t know I had. A true servant and a stellar representative of the company. New grads: you want to be Zach. Because here’s […]

Five Things the Professional Photography Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

A lot of what is happening in professional photography these days is corporate driven. This results in photography clients not being served very well. Sadly, we have become an industry centered not on serving clients, but on making photographers happy. I think this is largely due to the number of new photographers entering the industry. As new people take up the banner of professional photography, the people who sell to photographers needed to find the easiest way to sell their […]


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Dear Photographers: I Don’t Want Your Passion

Dear Photographers, This is photography speaking. I have something important to tell you: I no longer want to be the object of your “passion.” It was nice for a while. I was younger then, and I felt really special. It can go to your head, being the “passion” of so many people. Here’s the thing: I’ve done a little growing up, and a little thinking, and I’d rather not be an object of “passion” if it’s all the same to […]

Paying for Nothing

Sooner or later all photographers are going to have to address this subject. I choose sooner. We have made you pay us, and given you nothing. Well, ones, and zeroes — numbers that could get scrambled, that could disappear overnight. You have paid thousands of dollars for these. Thousands of dollars to your wedding photographer, or hundreds to your portrait photographer, for something that could very easily not be there tomorrow. Digital files are not a product. They are a […]

What is Photography Worth to You? If You’re Like Many Photographers, Not Much

As I write this, on a Friday, I am finishing up preparations for the bridal fair, as well as preparation for the kids to start school on Monday. It has been a busy week, and, really, I have gotten lots done, but I have had a feeling of being “stuck” all week, too. Something’s on my mind. It really revolves around an incident last week. Last week was truly a banner week for my photography business. I am learning a […]

Photography and Restaurants III: Communicating Quality

Here’s what I like about comparing photographers to restaurants: There are such a vast array of restaurants, and everyone has experiences in dining out to draw from. Do you know which restaurants in your town are the best ones? Most likely, you do. How do you know which restaurants are the best? Maybe your friends told you, or you heard “through the grapevine,” or … it’s just common knowledge. But here are two of the main reasons you know what […]

Photography and Restaurants II: New Markets Galore!

  I’m old. Not THAT old, but old enough to remember when my hometown didn’t have a McDonald’s. Of course the rest of the U.S. believes Mississippi is just shy of being a third world country, so McDonald’s came late to my somewhat rural town. At that time, there was one restaurant where we went on a regular basis, a little diner called Cathy’s. I only vaguely remember it, because at some point in my childhood Cathy’s went out of […]

Photography and Restaurants I: The Industry is Dead; Long Live the Industry!

Recently, I heard someone compare the preparation that goes into creating and editing photos for clients, to a chef creating an elaborate meal. Once I started thinking this way, the idea started running away with me, and I got so many business insights I felt I had to share. One reason I like drawing an analogy with restaurants is because I have such an”inside take” on restaurants from having worked in a number of them throughout (and even after) college. […]

12 Things I Learned from the Print Competition Workshop

On Monday, the Arkansas Professional Photographers’ Association had a print competition workshop at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t crazy about attending, but I’m on the board and felt like I should. (Also, it’s always fun to see and talk with friends). I did learn something, though, and I’m about to share — mainly for the sake of having a record of what I learned, and maybe inspiring someone to attend a local workshop or other event. […]

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