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This is the Post I Wasn’t Going to Write

This is the post I wasn’t going to write. I wasn’t going to write it because I believe too many people, even in business, force their religion down your throat. They talk about their religion on their blogs and Facebook pages. They throw references to Jesus into every public interaction. To me, that’s just a substitute for living it. If I’m Living Jesus rather than Talking Jesus, I shouldn’t have to tell you. You should know it, feel it, sense […]

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The Saddest Words I Ever Said

I’m going to share a little of my heart with you here today, which is something I probably don’t do often enough. This has been a painful month in many ways, and it started out with some bad news. At church camp in June, I met a woman around my own age, and felt we had begun a friendship. She definitely had some challenges in her life, including a history of addiction, but she was working hard on overcoming. I […]

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Planning Your Joy

Every photographer offers some level of planning your photography experience, because it’s very necessary. But, our planning experience is very different from the norm! And of course I want to brag about that. Every photographer will talk to you about the date, time and location of the photo session, about who is going to be photographed, and usually get basic information about names, ages, etc. Many photographers will also help you think through what to wear (or not wear), hair, […]

What’s New? Lots!

It was in the Spring of last year that I decided some things needed changing around here. I just wasn’t offering my clients a level of service that I was satisfied with. Even though several clients told me they loved how responsive I was (mostly in reaction to some other photographer who had neglected to return their phone calls) I just knew there was something better I could be doing. And I was right. I was following the model of […]

Priceless Treasures

The headline in today’s paper reads, “Priceless Pieces Strewn for Miles.” The article itself recounts stories of people affected by the tornado, and their attempts to recover some of their most priceless family treasures. As it turns out, most of those are photos. Tears, laughter, joy, memories and even a bittersweet sadness greet the discovery of each recovered piece of a family’s history. I know the feeling, because my family has done this. It wasn’t a tornado, but a devastating […]


I Am Utterly Insane … And it Feels Fantastic!

It’s been quite a week! I wrapped up last week with a wonderful premiere in the studio and got ready to hit the road for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas. First, though, there was one other little thing to take care of. I had signed up for the Little Rock Marathon before they had even released the dates for WPPI. So I booked my flight for late afternoon and signed up for the race early start. […]

New Studio!

In case you haven’t heard my squealy, giggly excitement all across the state of Arkansas, here’s the news: I moved into a new studio last year. I’m practically giddy with the joy of having a place all my own, and this is the perfect studio for me. So what will this mean for how I’ve been doing business in the past? Well, first of all, I now have a dedicated space in which to meet clients. Instead of meeting you […]

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Amazing Family Sessions!

Hi, lovelies! I have an exciting announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a while — though a few of you know about it. I am adding family sessions to my offerings. Not just any family sessions, though … beautiful “Beloved” family sessions where your family gets to be themselves, enjoy being together, and not get caught up in this whole “we have to be perfect for the photos” mentality. I know many people on this list are past wedding […]


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin I spent most of last week in Long Beach, California attending … something. Was it a workshop? A conference? A festival? None of those words seem to do it justice. It was called Adventure Always. Maybe that name tells you something about the nature of the gathering. If you asked me what I did […]

Summer, Summer

Somewhere on my desk is an index card with a list of sessions and weddings that need to be blogged. They go all the way back to Spring. To say it has been a busy year would be the biggest understatement I have ever made. It has been a deliciously insane year, as I try to create something that is pretty huge, and at the same time spend some time enjoying my life and my family. It’s time for me […]

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