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Love Bugs Kids with their Loveys

Coming Event: Love Bugs

One of my favorite stories growing up was “The Velveteen Rabbit.” In fact, as I got into my late teens, this story appealed to me even more. It was a story of the innocence of childhood, which as I grew up I was conscious of losing. It was the childhood imagination that could invest anything […]

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I Am Utterly Insane … And it Feels Fantastic!

It’s been quite a week! I wrapped up last week with a wonderful premiere in the studio and got ready to hit the road for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas. First, though, there was one other little thing to take care of. I had signed up for the Little Rock Marathon […]

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New Studio!

In case you haven’t heard my squealy, giggly excitement all across the state of Arkansas, here’s the news: I moved into a new studio last year. I’m practically giddy with the joy of having a place all my own, and this is the perfect studio for me. So what will this mean for how I’ve […]

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Little Rock family photographer

Amazing Family Sessions!

Hi, lovelies! I have an exciting announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a while — though a few of you know about it. I am adding family sessions to my offerings. Not just any family sessions, though … beautiful “Beloved” family sessions where your family gets to be themselves, enjoy being together, and not […]

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin I spent most of last week in Long Beach, California attending … something. Was it a workshop? A conference? A festival? None of those words seem to do it […]

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Summer, Summer

Somewhere on my desk is an index card with a list of sessions and weddings that need to be blogged. They go all the way back to Spring. To say it has been a busy year would be the biggest understatement I have ever made. It has been a deliciously insane year, as I try […]

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The Client Experience, Part II: I Promise You

(This is part two of a series. Read Part I here.) I promise I will never take your money for anything — anything at all — without putting a contract in your hands that states what I am doing, when I’m doing it, and that gives you a time frame to expect things to be […]

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The Client Experience, Part 1: I Know

This was supposed to be an entirely different post. Back in December, my husband and I went to a photographer near where his parents live, to have a Beloved session. I won’t mention the photographer, or post a photo, or in any other way identify her. You’ll see why in a minute. The first part […]

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Dana and Scott Beloved Session

Beloved is Coming!

I am very excited about something I’m going to start offering, but it has been hard for me to find a way to talk about it! Many of you will know that this is not really something new. I have been using this technique for a while with engagement sessions. But Beloved photography is for […]

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Pinterest Contest Michelle Posey Photography

Engaged? Get Pinned!

In our parents’ or grandparents’ generation, “pinning” meant something different. A young man in college would give his steady sweetie his fraternity pin, as a sign that an engagement ring was to be expected later. Today, a lot of us get engaged and start pinning! In fact, we are kind of obsessed with it. So, […]

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