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My Posts Look Different from the Other Photographers. Here’s Why.

I had just finished a post on the blog when I clicked over to Facebook and saw another photographers’ post. I have to say, it was absolutely gorgeous. The wedding was amazing. The couple looked like they belonged on the pages of a magazine. All the photos could have graced any wedding blog in the […]

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Confessions of a Former Digital-Only Photographer

In the past few years, it has become the trend for photographers to offer digital files (and for photography consumers to assume every photographer does this). They even tout this as a selling point: “You get all the digital files.” I’m not trying to insult anyone; I used to do this. But let me be […]

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The Best Advice I Can Possibly Give a Future Bride

Every few weeks, a bride with a bully pulpit and an axe to grind writes an article that then gets passed around the Internet, about how wedding vendors price gouge. Usually I ignore these, in fear that even acknowledging these articles will give them credibility. The latest such article was in the New York Times. […]

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Amazing Family Sessions!

Hi, lovelies! I have an exciting announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a while — though a few of you know about it. I am adding family sessions to my offerings. Not just any family sessions, though … beautiful “Beloved” family sessions where your family gets to be themselves, enjoy being together, and not […]

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Wedding Day Shot List, Part 3: Taming the Shot List

In Part 1 we covered the basics of what the shot list is, and in Part 2, what it is not. Now in Part 3, we are going to talk about the out of control shot list. How do shot lists get out of control? What is a shot list that is out of control? […]

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Wedding Day Shot List, Part 2: What (K)Not to List

In Part 1 I covered the basics of the shot list. Part 2 was going to be “Taming the Shot List” until I realized that a huge reality of shot lists in today’s world is how they have grown out of control in a completely different way. We can thank the wedding blogs and websites […]

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Favorite Things: The Crazy Quilt Chuppah

Rachel told me about the crazy quilt chuppah when we first met. I was enchanted with the idea because I grew up quilting beside my grandmother. When I saw the actual crazy quilt chuppah, it was better than anything I could possibly have imagined. Rachel and Andy were married at Wildwood Park, surrounded by nature’s […]

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Wedding Day: The “Shot List”

I’m starting a new regular feature on the blog that will run mostly on Saturdays (because that’s wedding day for most people, right?) These blog posts will be full of wedding photo tips for brides: everything from hair and makeup to what to expect on your wedding day. Usually it will be what’s on my […]

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The True Cost of Digital

If you think this is going to be a post about what photographers should charge for digital, or what digital files should cost, or a justification of charging high prices for digital files, you are wrong. This is a post about what digital files cost you, the consumer, even if you get them for “free.” […]

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Advice for the Stressed-Out Bride

Is it a coincidence that both I, and one of my best friends (also a wedding photographer) are shooting weddings this week, where both brides confess to being stressed-out? I don’t think so. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when every day seems to erupt into a new drama. The week leading up […]

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