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This is the Post I Wasn’t Going to Write

This is the post I wasn’t going to write. I wasn’t going to write it because I believe too many people, even in business, force their religion down your throat. They talk about their religion on their blogs and Facebook pages. They throw references to Jesus into every public interaction. To me, that’s just a substitute for living it. If I’m Living Jesus rather than Talking Jesus, I shouldn’t have to tell you. You should know it, feel it, sense […]

Five Things the Professional Photography Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

A lot of what is happening in professional photography these days is corporate driven. This results in photography clients not being served very well. Sadly, we have become an industry centered not on serving clients, but on making photographers happy. I think this is largely due to the number of new photographers entering the industry. As new people take up the banner of professional photography, the people who sell to photographers needed to find the easiest way to sell their […]

Because We Care

The biggest misconception people make about our business is that we are “just another photography business” and that they can expect from us the same treatment they get from other photographers. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Photography has devolved, in the last 10 years, to a mostly low-service industry. Consumers are forced to do most of the work. The photographers want to “do what they love” and are encouraged by leaders in the industry to “pursue their bliss.” […]


I’m going to try not to rant too much here, even though honestly I feel like frothing at the mouth. We had a great bridal show Sunday, and met some amazing women (and a few men) who are getting married soon. I love doing this, even though I get nervous and stressed about my booth every year. I honestly try to do my best by every person who comes by my booth. I know that only a small percentage of […]

Letter to Myself at 75

Get your photo taken. Let people take your picture, no matter how you look. Sure, you look different than you did at 25. But you don’t have any fewer people who love you and need desperately to have a photo of you. Go a step further and seek out really good photos. Let’s face it – someone is going to miss you someday. Have pity. Write down those stories. Record them. Videotape them. Share them with your kids and grandkids, […]

10 Reasons Not to Shop for Your Wedding Photographer on Facebook

It’s a beautiful morning after Christmas here in Kansas where we are visiting my husband’s family. This morning my son woke me up way to early so I quickly checked Facebook, noticing my business page has nine new views. Now, while I love Facebook for personal use, I have more or less abandoned it for business, so I felt a little guilty for having nothing to offer those nine visitors. However, I can’t get over my absolute conviction that Facebook […]

Red Flags for Photography Clients

Twice this month I have been called in to take the place of a photographer who either wasn’t performing their job, or who outright bailed out and didn’t show up. And that’s just the folks who hired me! I have had other calls where they hired someone else, or worked out the differences with their photographer. This leaves me to ask, what the heck is going on? But I do sort of know. There are many people entering this profession […]

Paying for Nothing

Sooner or later all photographers are going to have to address this subject. I choose sooner. We have made you pay us, and given you nothing. Well, ones, and zeroes — numbers that could get scrambled, that could disappear overnight. You have paid thousands of dollars for these. Thousands of dollars to your wedding photographer, or hundreds to your portrait photographer, for something that could very easily not be there tomorrow. Digital files are not a product. They are a […]

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Capturing Your Joy: The Photo Session

If it seems a little unnecessary  to have an entire post on how a photo session goes, bear with me a bit! You might find something unexpected in the following post. As professional photographers, we work with you to be sure you are as prepared as possible for your photo session. We know that you want to capture something special, something important, and we want to optimize your chances (and our chances!) of doing just that. We have developed a […]

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