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Common Sense Wedding Planning Part X: Assigning Tasks to Friends

In previous posts we talked about wedding planners and coordinators, and why they are needed for some weddings. Yes, I said “some” weddings. I may get in some trouble for this, but I don’t believe every wedding needs a paid coordinator. They are fantastic people, but let’s get real: there are simple, do-able weddings where this would just be a waste of resources. When can you get away with just assigning things to friends? I think there are certainly weddings […]

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Common Sense Wedding Planning IX: Hiring a Coordinator

Here are the times when you must, absolutely MUST, have a professional day-of coordinator: – When you know to expect trouble from the church or venue coordinator. I know this may get me into trouble, but not all church or venue coordinators seem to have the best interests of brides and grooms at heart. I’m not sure why this should be a surprise — these people are hired to protect the interest of the church or venue and not the […]

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Common Sense Wedding Planning VIII: When to Seriously Consider a Wedding Planner

When do you need full wedding planning? I think there are few rules of thumb for when you should very seriously consider hiring a wedding planner. – To carry out a great theme or an elaborate wedding. Wedding planners have contacts among the vendor community that it would take years to duplicate. They know who does what, and who does it best. They know where to get things. They know what can be rented, and where to get the things […]

Common Sense Wedding Planning VII: Now for “How”

HOW? Here’s where we really get into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, because there are an infinite number of answers to this question. This encompasses decisions you will make about all aspects of your wedding. And, lest you think I’m just going to promote my services over and over again, I promise not to mention wedding photography again until the very end! We are going to cover everything ELSE. I believe photography (and videography) not only occupy a unique place […]

Why are You Getting Married?

e this seems obvious. But it’s a question I ask my couples — all of them. I ask them, “What is so amazing about this man/woman that you are marrying?” And you know what almost all of them say? “No one has ever asked us that before.” Would you believe that most couples never, ever get to sit down and think about this question before the wedding? I wouldn’t have believed it either! But aside from church-required marriage counseling, very […]

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Common Sense Wedding Planning Part V: Where?

WHERE? At some point in deciding the “When” you need to determine the “Where.” I have had couples come to me and say definitely “We are getting married on April 17″ only to find there were no venues available for that date. None. This is also the point where you will want to start considering the style of your wedding, because that can really help narrow down your venue search! Or, it can be the other way around. You can […]

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Common Sense Wedding Planning IV: When?

WHEN? Like many decisions in wedding planning, this is a question of priorities. If you fall in love with a certain venue, or the idea of having a certain kind of wedding, that will likely determine your date. But if you are still as at sea as I was, here’s what you need to consider: 1. Be reasonable. A wedding in a rustic building that lacks air conditioning in the middle of summer is not going to be a fairy […]

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Common Sense Wedding Planning Part III: What?

WHAT? This is another question that seems pretty obvious at first. What = a wedding. Right? But a wedding can be many different things. Will it be a religious ceremony? A big party? A courthouse trip followed by a portrait session? An elopement to Vegas? Lots of people get the impression they have to “do” a wedding just like all their friends “did” a wedding. But guess what? You don’t! Many times my clients who are getting married for the […]

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A Common Sense Approach to Weddings, Part II: How to Start

When I first started planning my wedding, I was at sea. How in the world do you start planning something like this? People kept pressuring me for a date and I kept putting them off, because I didn’t know how to set a date. Did I pick a venue and ask for that date? Did I pick a date and start calling venues? Did I need a theme, or should I just pick some things I liked? Who was going […]

A Common Sense Approach to Weddings, Part I

(This post is Part I of a series that will comprehensively cover a common-sense approach to planning a wedding, answering many of the REAL questions that brides have about wedding planning.) I’m Michelle, and I love brides. I love grooms, too. In fact, I love engaged couples. Sometimes I feel this sets me apart from many other wedding photographers, who love the money from weddings, or love weddings themselves. Who love the decorations, and the pomp and circumstance, and the […]