Meet Michelle


Meet Michelle

Little Rock wedding photographer Michelle Posey Everyone has these cutesy little “About” pages where we all try to look like the same photographer. Not me! Here’s what you need to know, and what you might like to know.

• I’m a grown woman and I am perfectly happy to act and talk like one. My mamma did not say “gag me with a spoon” when I was a kid and I do not say “Whatevs” or “Gorge” when I mean “gorgeous.” I don’t mind if other people do this, it’s just not me.

• I’m a natural born nerd. I have read The Hobbit at least once a year since I was 10 years old, and the Lord of the Rings at least every other year. I also love Patrick Stewart. If you call yourself a “geek” and yet you do not even know who Patrick Stewart is or why he is a supremely important figure in our culture, then, you know, “Whatevs.” 😉

• I am not a former model. I am a normal-looking person, and I am MORE than happy to photograph normal looking people. I will make you look your most beautiful; I don’t need you to look perfect before you ever come to me.

• Also … you shouldn’t hire me because I’m so pretty that it will make you feel cool to be hanging out with me. As I explained, I’m a plain-looking total nerd. You shouldn’t hire me because I remind you of the popular girls in high school. You shouldn’t hire me because you’ll feel like the “in crowd” during our photo shoots. You should hire me because I am excellent at what I do, and I will give you better service than any other photographer you will ever meet. You should know that this photography experience is NOT about me, it’s about you. YOU are the superstar during our photo session.

• I’ve attempted the Pike’s Peak Marathon four times, and completed it three times. This does not mean I am skinny; I’m not. It means I am CRAZY determined.

• I can be goofy, and I usually am. But I can also be really serious and open with people who don’t mind. So, let’s get real.

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