Wedding Idea: Clothesline Cards

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Photos with clothespinsAt the bridal fair last week, a lot of people stopped by my booth for one thing, and it wasn’t photography. At least, not my photography. They pulled out their cell phones and took a picture of … my “clothesline.”

I wasn’t the only one who did this, but I seemed to have attracted attention anyway. I strung twine in my booth, and used miniature clothespins to put a lot of tiny photos on the “clothesline.” Everyone loved it!

So now I’m going to share exactly how to do this. There’s one little secret, that even a lot of wedding vendors don’t know about (and some of the ones who do don’t share!) I’m letting the cat out of the bag.

Moo cards.


Well, if you clicked that link it took you to a site where anyone can make beautiful little cards. The amazing, awesome part of Moo is that every photo in a set of 50 cards can be different!

The quality is amazing, too. They are thick and luxurious. Lots of people use them for business cards. For a wedding, you could have your names and wedding date on the back and allow guests to pick one to take home.

You could leave the back blank or just put something simple like “Advice” and let guests write little notes on the back. You could even get one of the “Moo Frames” to display some choice pieces of advice, along with your favorite photos. (Those are only good for the mini cards, which are half the size of regular business cards.)

Here’s and idea from the site: create a set of Icebreaker Cards for your reception guests.

Or just display them.

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