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It’s that day of the year, when I am compelled to break out the macro lens and photograph the crocuses that come up in my back yard.

I have other flowers, but these are the ones that draw me year after year. Why? It could be because they are volunteers, springing up in an area of the yard where no sane person would plant a flower. Or, because I never saw one in person before I moved to Arkansas, so they are a novelty to me.

But I think the real reason is this: the harder the winter, the better they seem to perform. This year, of course, they are going gangbusters. Two more have actually opened since I took these pictures.

Crocuses, 2011

This one appears to have a double row of petals.

They open quickly. My four year old just called me outside to show me that the one in front is now in full bloom.

It seems like life is that way sometimes, too. The more obstacles we have to overcome, the more beautiful the eventual blossoming. I’m thinking of certain people in my life today who are as lovely as these crocuses in the way they have overcome adversity. Who do you know that fits this description? When is the last time you told them how much they inspire you? My answer: far too long.

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