Arkansas Wedding Photographer of the Year

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It’s been a wild and wonderful week, with one huge highlight, which hopefully you have already guessed from the title of this post.

The Arkansas Professional Photographers Association (PPA) held its annual convention this week in downtown Little Rock. A highlight for me is the print competition. Even last year, when I didn’t win anything, I enjoyed listening to the judges. They are distinguished photographers from around the country, usually convention speakers as well, who are masters of their craft. I like hearing them talk about the merits (and shortfalls) of different prints. I just soak it all up.

Another highlight of this week was my three-year-old son attending soccer camp for the first time. That is where we were last night when all the other professional photographers were having their awards banquet.

Until this morning, I was going to blog about how excited I was that two of my prints from my trip to Africa a few years ago earned scores that gained them the title of “merit prints.”

This morning, I walked into the hotel to pick up my print case and saw the photographer who persuaded me to join PPA a year and a half ago. I asked him where I could pick up my print case and he turned to get it. Over his shoulder, he said, “Oh, you know you won Arkansas Wedding Photographer of the Year?”

Um. No. I didn’t.

I resisted the urge to hoot and holler and do a little dance. But I can’t resist any longer. Here’s my little dance, song, and the three prints whose combined scores earned me the title of 2010 Arkansas Wedding Photographer of the Year!

Abby at the Capital Hotel.

Abby at the Capital Hotel

Jacob and Tiffany at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Rachel at Camp Mitchell, Petit Jean Mountain.

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